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Having spent 30 years in the diesel business and 15 years as the owner of Glacier Diesel Power I decided to change directions a bit and  specialize in the smaller markets that had little to no support. While working on personal projects I noticed that there wasn't much out there for those of us that stray from the norm. Rebuilding the fuel system on your M35A2 Deuce and a Half? Where do you go for fuel system parts? Using a Deutz in a one off project? No support. How about a 4BT Cummins in a WWII Dodge WC series truck? Nothing out there. I couldn't even find a decent filter system for my military diesel generators. That's a niche that I'm now going to fill.

Working the main stream diesel business over the years has brought me in contact with a great group of people and suppliers. Now we're going to use those contacts to help the hobby engine, re-power, diesel generator, and Ag market. 

Building on our diesel fuel filtration and custom fuel system products we are expanding into hard to finds parts and parts that were never offered by the original manufacturer. Wherever we see a gap we will do our best to provide a quality product to fill that need.

All RTT manufactured products are proudly Made in the USA and are held to exacting tolerances. We stand for no less. The workmanship shows the pride we take in every RTT built product.

In the past we were known for customer service that was above and beyond and I fully intend to continue on with that tradition. It's our dedication to satisfaction that has our customers coming back year after year. At Rattlin' Truck and Tractor we'll help you obtain the highest level of performance from your project without throwing money away on products that don't produce results.

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Richard Martin
Rattlin' Truck and Tractor, LLC.